Spring Haiku


Rites of spring are here

Butterflies are fluttering

Trees are breathing new



The Blizzard of Life




Life is like a raging blizzard

Oh so blinding and frigidly cold

There’s a hint of warmth in the noonday sun

Yet the coldness beckons and becomes more bold


My mind is heavy like the treetops

Heavy laden with ice and snow

My soul is withered like the foliage

That has died or ceased to grow


My heart is breaking like the rock

That splits apart from eroding ice

At times it feels like things are hopeless

But my thread of faith must suffice


Spreading its warmth to melt the snow

At some point, the sun will win

And like the seasons, my mood will change

Till the melancholy winter comes ’round again



Texas Gulf Coast in the Spring


Bluebonnets on the roadside

Pleasant days and cooler nights

A breeze playing the windchimes

A young man catches your eye


Crawfish boils with potatoes and corn

Redbuds sprouting purple on the trees

Laughing with friends on the patio

Watching the growth of all being born


A deer in the field watching its fawn

An armadillo killed on the run

Picking dewberries along the fence line

Daylight savings time makes the day long


Catching specs, drums and reds in the bay

Eating strawberries at the festival

Drinking margaritas in the sun

Texas in the spring – It can take your breath away!



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