Blessed Am I

Blessed am I, as I walk through this life

Counting my good friends takes at least two hands

I’ve given my best as somebody’s wife

Love to keep time & sing with the bands


Music is a mood maker for me

Can take me back through times so good

At times makes me remember the lies

Tiny toothpicks made of fake wood


My family is my heart and soul

My child, the best thing I ever did

These are the things I need to know

And becoming a grandma, joyously in I slid


If it all ended tomorrow and I was gone

Though there’s so much I know I’d miss

But with each passing dusk and dawn

Hope you always remember my love and my kiss





The Walls



This was the challenge for Day 24 – write a poem that features walls, bricks, stones, arches, or the like.


The walls I build to keep me safe

Are full of arches that bend and sway

And though the bricks and stones are tough

With you, my inner warnings aren’t enough


The walls protect my inner self

Guarding my feelings, emotions and such

The walls that protect my inner heart

Are to make sure you don’t break me apart


The walls I build to keep me safe

Are full of arches that bend and sway

My love for you is so intense

These guarded walls just don’t make sense







This was the challenge for Day 20 (I am a day late – oops 10 mins after midnight makes me two days late) – write a poem in the voice of a member of your family. 


I was a mistake, conceived unwanted

The preventative pill was used, but it failed

I came into this world a day before my oldest sibling

I can only hope she considered me a gift.

My parents always treated me differently

Like something was wrong with me – as if I didn’t belong

My older brother died right after I came into this life

My parents didn’t seem to care for him any more than me.

I strived for their attention, even if it was bad

They were often cruel and unloving, so incredibly sad

I was beat like a dog, treated as an outsider

Though I was small for my age, I could take a lot and I did.

Until midway in grade school, I woke up often in a wet bed

This really pissed my parents off

To punish me, I was sent to school smelling of my accident

This got me teased mercilessly and an ass-kicking regularly

Thank goodness my oldest sibling was protective

A bitch who could and did kick some ass

My sisters were treated so much better than me

Sometimes I longed to be a girl, so I would be loved too.

Dressing in their clothes, makeup and shoes

That never went over well when my secret was revealed

I spent much time locked in my room, a padlock outside the door

Sometimes that was to keep me from stealing food

I wasn’t allowed to watch TV, ordered to stand or sit

Just out of view, but I could still hear what was going on

Often I stood at the dinner table, not deserving a seat

Several times I showed people my bruises, so to avoid that

New punishment for misbehaving was jalapeno peppers I was forced to eat

And soon Child Protective Services took me far away

I thought that might be my salvation, boy I was wrong

They took me away to a scary place where nightly

I received drugs to make me sleep, when I wasn’t being raped

When I was finally freed from that, by coming of age

My dad then denied me a simple can of soup

Though there wasn’t a penny to my name

I’m pretty sure I was born gay – this my dad abhorred

My mom seemed to accept it, but she had her own shame

Got sent to the penitentiary once, for stealing at her request

As a repeat offender, I spent many years in the pen

Finally with God’s grace, I got my life together

Finding a good mate, a fulfilling job, and attending school

I have been blessed with two loving accepting sisters

And over the years their families have grown, making me

An uncle and a great uncle, which I absolutely adore

Been educated – a bachelors, a masters, and part of a second masters

Yet still having trouble reconciling the fact my dad isn’t proud of me

He has grown to accept me, it was a hard battle uphill all the way

I feel he loves me, too – just not the way he should and I deserve

I have other struggles, too and have fallen off the wagon

With God’s favor and placing it all in is hands

I know I will get through this – I know he will help me accept

The hand I was dealt in this life – it sucked

But at least I was dealt two pair – not a fucking fold.

**[OR should the last line be: But at least I was dealt two pair – not a folding hand. Opinions please ;-)]**


An Honest Deception ( NaPoWriMo 4-16-14)


Using today’s NaPoWriMo prompt from Daisy Fried, – the basic idea is to write a ten-line poem in which each line is a lie. Here you go 🙂 


As February has 31 days

And the Sun circles the Earth ten different ways

Each morning the sun rises in the west

And your last guess is always the best

Remember people never lie

And if you live righteously you’ll never die

Being in love always lasts forever

Will the good times end – oh no never

People will always love each other

No one will ever kill another’s brother



I Might Have Said Yes – (Twenty Questions NaPoWriMo Writing Prompt )


How did I miss how strong your feelings were?

Why didn’t you keep in touch?


Why didn’t you ask me the question you came to ask me?

Why did you hide how you felt?


How could you walk away from me, without giving me a clue?

It was a long time ago, I know . . . but I might have said yes.





[I had so much fun with this prompt, I wrote several, but only posted two.]

I also used this for my prompt for SoCS April 26/2014 at 

What If . . . ? (Twenty Questions NaPoWriMo Writing Prompt )



What if I hadn’t called him?

What if he’d called me back?

What if I’d handled some things in my life differently?

What if I was someone else?

What if the sun doesn’t come up tomorrow morning? What if it never set?

What if time stopped? What if it were turned back?

What if God didn’t love me?

What if my guardian angels quit?

What if I didn’t wake up in the morning? What if I never existed?

What if I was granted second-sight?

What if I didn’t like what I saw? Then again, what if I did?

What if I’d never had the pleasure of making love?

What if I hadn’t been blessed with my child?

What if my marriage fails? What if our relationship disintegrates?

What if I won the lottery?!

What if I didn’t care?

What if I didn’t ‘what if’ all the time?

What if I was happy and satisfied?

What if my life was a disaster?

What if I was rich and famous? What if I had no friends?

What if I had no future? What if I had no plans?

What if I lost twenty pounds? What if I gained thirty?

What if I dyed my hair red? What if it turns gray?

What if I didn’t know what I know about the past?

What if he hadn’t told me how he really felt?

What if I died without knowing these things?

What if someone special hadn’t died? What if someone else had?

What if . . . what if . . . what if …?

What if my life amazes me and I amaze myself?

I can live without knowing all these things, as I have no choice!



Mind’s on Rewind ;-)


Writing prompt: 


It was an innocent enough comment.

We all say it from time to time, some form or fashion.

Why it stuck in my mind, I don’t know –

But now I can’t get it to go . . .  . . .  . . . away.


Can’t get the thought of you in the shower out of my mind.

Why am I thinking of you – why am I, why??

Got another woman right here looking me in the eye.

Can’t even pay attention to what she’s saying, my mind’s on rewind.


Why you invading my thoughts, changing my perspective?

You get in my way, change my direction.

I got things to do & places to go,

Not thinking about you wet and . . .  . . .  . . . well slow . . .


Can’t get the thought of you in the shower out of my mind.

Why am I thinking of you – why am I, why??

Got another woman right now looking me in the eye.

Can’t even pay attention to what she’s saying, my mind’s on rewind.





Easier To See




Lately it’s been easy for me to put myself inside someone else’s head —

Maybe cause it’s easier to think like them than like me.

My world’s pretty complicated these days —

Looking through someone else’s’ eyes it’s easier to see.



☮ ~ Sixties Retro ~ ☮



Peace signs

Hookah pipes

Black licorice and

Lemon drops

Cinnamon discs

Smiley faces

Patchouli incense

Wide open spaces

Bell bottom jeans

White gauze shirts

Colorful love beads

Long flowing skirts

VW Bugs

Chevy Vans

Long-haired hippies

Acid-rock bands

Civil rights

Black and white

Living together

Birds of a feather

The sixties –a magical transformative time!


I Missed It



You’re still in my dreams at times

Though not as often as before

Maybe I don’t need you or

The thought of you anymore.


Though you’re always there

In the background, I’ll never forget

How you affected me and changed

The way I thought of myself.


Sometimes I miss that.


And more than anything . . .

I wish I would’ve kissed you just once.

You’re voluptuous full lips on mine

They had to be soft and sweet.



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