I’m Here – Saturday’s Stream of Consciousness


I’m here, waiting for you. The night is cool, the winds blowing softly under a full moon. As I wait, I can hear you, the things you said last time we met. Will your words change my destiny? Should I not have come here today? I couldn’t help myself, I had to come – because all I do is keep hearing what you said.

Written in response to Saturday’s Stream of Consciousness post is “hear/here.”


Two Offerings – Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty

This week’s The Daily Post writing challenge is hosted by Vincent Mars. The challenge is to write a story of exactly 50 words in length – no more, no less. 

I wrote two – but since it’s getting late, I will stop here. I plan to do this again though – found it fun & intriguing 😉 Great way to come up with material for new projects!


Isabell was an easy going, patient, free spirit stuck in an over-organized, intolerant, overachiever’s body. The combination just didn’t mesh, so consequently Isabell was at odds with herself, seldom at peace, sometimes conflicted. Her conscience and righteousness didn’t walk hand in hand with her survival of the fittest street smarts.

The Moment Was Gone

He left her an instant message that said he hadn’t come back to see how she was and say goodbye. He had come back to ask her to marry him, and leave with him to start their new life together. But she had already fallen in love with another man.

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