Delicious madness

I so love this sentiment, and the audio is really cool, too ❤
Erik has a great blog – the look, the feel, the varied subjects – magical, mystical, romantic, contemplative – not feminine nor masculine per say – just human ❤
He’s got a series of romance novels, as well, which I am going to start reading as soon as I get a few projects completed in my universe. Go check him out, if you get a chance. ☮


Pink Rose

This captivated me – the rose picture and the beautiful words written by K.A. Brace from

“And when the white rose heard how beautiful it was it blushed and turned even to a more beautiful pink.” >KB

So technically I am reblogging them both 🙂
❤ ❤

Radiating Blossom ~ Flowers & Words


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This Wolf Feels Nothing But Hopelessness

WOW – I really love this!!
If you’ve been following the adventures of Lyla, THESE words hit home to a time in Lyla’s life when she was so lost . . . had to incorporate it somehow. More to come on that – it’s developing
Beautifully written Catherine!! Brilliant!! Bravo!! 🙂 ☮☮

Catherine Zhang


The wolf feels the arrows. It feels the pointed ends sticking into the flesh between her shoulder blades. Damn, how did the hunter find her only soft spot? The tenderest part? The hunter was skilled; the wolf feels the arrowheads stab her sharply with every movement…every lifting of the paw, every crane of the neck. Every movement, a reminder of coming death.

She looks down at the skull in front of her, a face that had once been so soft and loving and now hard and empty, reduced by death to near nothingness. The arrows seem to dig deeper underneath her skin, blood matting fur.

There is only one word for this feeling: hopelessness.

Utter, despairing, pervading hopelessness.

Creds to Amelia for showing me this:

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No Disguises

I agree, there are no disguises, but looks can be quite deceiving 😉
I really like this, on so many levels, a lot deeper than at first glance!! Since I haven’t posted in a while thought I would share this post & this blog. “Line of the Week” is awesome, might want to check out more posts ☮

Line Of The Week

sillhouette“Looks are so deceiving. But he

has seen me very naked. In the daylight...”

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I don’t want to be like my mother-in-law (Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt)

“This post is part of SoCS: (The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS April 5/14)”  The prompt is ‘do’ or ‘don’t.’ Write about any subject at all, but make it about something you feel strongly about doing or avoiding; whether it’s yourself or others, it doesn’t matter. NO editing, just Stream of Consciousness writing . . .

My daughter & her husband are having problems – major problems. He has been texting an older woman for over 9 months now. My daughter has caught him several times. They discuss it & he says he won’t do it anymore, or she’s just a friend & things like my daughter wouldn’t be worried about it if her self-esteem wasn’t so poor. My daughter has gained a bit of weight since having their 2 children, 4 & 2. I know her heart is breaking. I know deep down, she blames herself a little. I know he is a complete ass, selfish as the day is long. Not a loyal bone in his body.

This isn’t the 1st girl he has had this kind of relationship with. Who knows if they meet – a few of the texts/instant messages seemed more than suggestive as if he had already been unfaithful. Today was their 5th wedding anniversary & from what I know there was no celebration. That happened to me last year & it is a hurt that never is forgotten.

Right now I am so disappointed in him. Two weekends ago, he went out with friends, the woman included, without his wedding ring, telling my daughter he did not know if he wanted to be married to her anymore. That night a pic was posted on FB of him & his friends – I was so incensed I posted the nastiest post I have posted publicly in my life – told him he was a prick & he made me sick & he should be so proud of what a great husband and father he was, cause my husband sure was. I deleted it a few hours later, but hope he saw it. I don’t want to be like my mother-in-law.

Last summer, my husband of 35 years & I split up for awhile – he left. He told his mom all kinds of things & all of a sudden though I had been her lifeline in this family, she completely cut me out of her life, quit talking to me, took my name off of everything & made every effort to cause as much trouble between my husband & I as she could. I f we appeared to be working things out, she would throw a stick in our spokes, and each time the stick got bigger.

I am not a judgmental person like that & give people several opportunities to screw me over before I cut them out. BUT, right now I feel like I hate him – I definitely despise him. I think he is doing my daughter & his children wrong. I think they deserve better, & I know they do. I think he is a fly-by night, fleeting moth to a new flame – he needs the validation as his self-esteem is what is lacking. I think he is a selfish little bastard & my daughter should leave him and get on with her life. I truly think he will continue this behavior – when he is done with this woman he will move on to another.

My daughter has said the very same thing, but I am trying hard not to say much – except to listen to her own heart & head and think down the road & how she really wants to live her life. . I do not want to be in her ear, she needs to reconcile her heart with her head and decide what kind of life she wants & I can’t be the catalyst. I can’t be blamed for what might have been had I not gotten involved. I also can’t hold a grudge if they manage to work it out, as he is part of our family. This might be hard, as infidelity is the one line my husband and I have never crossed & wouldn’t be able to forgive.

Really, I just wish I could fix it. I wish I could take my child’s pain away. I wish I could take these devastating memories out of her mind. I wish I could turn back the clock, and prevent this behavior from ever starting. I wish so many things. I wish I could keep from crying about it, but right now I can’t. But the one thing I don’t want to do, is be like my mother-in-law.

Clearing Cobwebs

Need to clear my head

Need to clean my house

Need to make my bed

Need to wash my car

Need to kick the can down the road & far . . .


Tomorrow making my bed

Tomorrow cleaning my house

Definitely clearing my head

And getting perspective on my goal

Renewing the passion in my soul . . .


Balancing Act

I am the thinker –

You are the dreamer.

Shall I perchance to dream?

No, I’m too busy thinking.

Shall you perchance to think?

No, you’re too busy dreaming.

We used to be the perfect pair –

Totally balanced out.

Now the scales have tipped –

Equilibrium washed out.

Have I lost my dream?

Have you lost your thought?

Have we lost our way?

I’d like to think not.


Hard To Trust 100%

I’m looking to the future

But I have to admit,

I tend to turnaround & peer

At the past just a bit.


Hard to trust 100%

Hard to trust 100%

That’s just the way it is.


I’m looking to the future

And as I prepare to receive,

I can’t help but wonder what

The good Lord has in store for me.


Hard to trust 100%

Hard to trust 100%

That’s just the way it is.


I want to move on,

Move on past the pain.

My heart’s a willing partner,

Not so easy for my brain.


So I stand on guard –

To some extent, but I’m

Ready to leave the past,

See what’s in store ahead.


Hard to trust 100%

Hard to trust 100%

That’s just the way it is.


I’m looking to the future

But I have to admit,

Can’t help but look over my shoulder

At the past just a bit.


But I’m not frozen in my tracks,

Petrified to move – I smile,

I laugh, I open my heart, my mind

I just hold back a little bit.


Hard to trust 100%

Hard to trust 100%

That’s just the way it is.


The Windchimes

As I lie here

In total blackness

The deafening silence

Humming and buzzing my ears

Then the wind picks up

And I hear them

The windchimes

Music to my ears

Such sweet delicate decibels

Floating on the breeze

Calming my fears and senses

Lulling me to sleep

Hippie Juice (Fortune Cookies cont.)

First she had to make sure she did a quick sweep of the house, picking up a few things and lighting some candles. Then she wanted to jump in the shower & freshen up. She showered using her favorite scented shower gel, followed with the same scented lotion & a just a spritz of cologne in a few select places. The scent had an overtone of gardenia, and she got lots of compliments when she wore it. Often, depending on who was asking, she would say she had Michael all over her, as that was the name of the cologne. She always smiled when she said this, as she had a few Michael’s in her day that she crushed on – one that was a pretty wild relationship, and the last one pretty intense without making it personal.

She put on a simple cotton summer dress – pink, mauve, and white with a touch of yellow, showing off her tan. It was sleeveless and v-cut, quite low – lower than necklines she typically sported. She tended to dress a bit more conservatively, never really showing any cleavage – having said that she didn’t have much cleavage to show in her opinion, though she did have more than some just not as much as most, especially these days in the age of choose your own size for a price.

She opted for very little jewelry, three anklets, a pair of silver earrings, and one silver spinner ring. She pulled her hair back in a loose ponytail. In the front she used a pretty bobby pin on one side and a tiny clip on the other side, pulling it back in a couple of waves that framed her face nicely. She brushed on a little blush, and a little pixie dust powder on her hands, arms, and across her shoulders and down her cleavage line. She applied a little black honey lip gloss – it was just the right shade to make her eyes look greener and made her lips look shiny and as full as they actually were.

She decided to put some music on, and chose the iPod, just so she wouldn’t have to keep messing with it and so they didn’t have to listen to any DJ chatter. Then the doorbell rang.

Once last glance in the mirror and she opened the door. He is smiling, looking really sexy and has food in his hands and she can smell it already – though she really isn’t interested in Chinese food at the moment.  She smiled and said, “Hey honey,” he noticed in the porch light she was shimmering in the particular spot he was noticing, “Come on in.” She grabbed one of the bags of food he had in his hands and he followed her into the kitchen setting the bags down on the counter.

He noticed the house was cozy, music playing, candles lit in a few places, and she smelled damn good – god he always loved her scent, especially when it lingered on him after they had been together. He always felt comfortable here, in her house with her, and wasn’t exactly sure why he didn’t come more often. As usual, she looked hot, gorgeous, beautiful, mesmerizing – he was always surprised at how her beauty affected him. It wasn’t just her beauty though, it was all of her – her intelligence, her wit, her kindness and gentleness, her sarcasm, her take-no-shit attitude, her old soul. She really had no idea how she affected him, he knew that for a fact. If she did, she’d ask more of him, push him harder.

All he had to do is hear her sexy voice and look into her eyes and watch those lips mouth “please … whatever-didn’t matter” and usually he was putty in her hands. Yet, she didn’t make many requests of his time, and didn’t call as often as he’d like her, too. Of course, he could call her, and really didn’t know why he didn’t – some misplaced pride thing, loss of control, fear of being hurt, the whole thing.

“Hey beautiful,” he winked as he said it. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him, kissing her softly on her black honey lips. “I don’t particularly care for the feel of that gloss, rather feel your lips, but sure love that color. They are so shiny I just gotta kiss ‘um!” he laughed, hugging her close and rubbing his hands up her back and the back of her neck into her hair. Though most of the house was dimly lit, the kitchen was bright, and he could see her well. He loved the laugh lines around her eyes and on her forehead, especially when she smiled.

“You thirsty?” she asked. “I made us something new – it’s called Hippie Juice. It’s got watermelon vodka, triple sec, coconut rum, and limeade,” she laughed, “It called for pink lemonade, but I thought the limeade sounded better.”

“Hippie Juice, why am I not surprised” he laughed, “You know I am always up for vodka, though aint never had  watermelon vodka before,” He winked at her. He grabbed a couple glasses and filled them with the SONIC® ice she liked to keep in the freezer. She poured the juice.  They both took a good long drink and agreed it was quite tasty.

“You hungry yet,” she asked, with a deviously flirtatious grin that purposely failed to hide what she she was really thinking. She took another long swig on her drink, noticing with all the ice, she now needed a refill.

He looked at her, his eyes dancing as he drank the last bit of juice in his glass, saying, “Filler her up, while your refilling yours.” This time she added a couple cherries and a pineapple spear.

“You know I love inebriated fruit,” she added seductively.

As they both took another drink, she moved closer to him. He could feel her heat, and she could feel his. He set his glass down, and took her glass setting it down also.

“You are a hard woman to look at and not touch sometimes, Isabella. If you only knew what I was thinking right now,” he said his voice husky and low. He took her face in his hands and kissed her lips softly, gently, teasingly, gently biting her bottom lip. He noticed how pretty her hair looked when he came in, but he also knew it was probably about to get messed up. He liked the way she had it pulled back, it was sexy and innocent at the same time. He reached behind her removing the clip holding it all back loosely. He pulled his fingers down through it, pulling it from the back cascading over her shoulders. Her hair was as close to feeling like silk as anything he could imagine; it was so soft, and streaked with golden highlights.

As he ran his fingers through her silken hair, he continued to kiss her lips, moving slowly to her right ear. She moaned ever slightly, as he stopped and looking in her beautiful green eyes, he slowly removed the bobby pin and the clip she had holding back the front of her hair. Her hair fell wavy around her face, almost shadowing her eyes. He put his hands on her face, pushing her hair back enough that he could see her eyes. He locked eyes with her, pulled her close, whispering, “God, you are so beautiful. Woman you have no idea of the hold you have on me or how much I care about you do you?”

“No, can’t say that I do,” she said in a coy manner, kissing him hard, slipping her tongue in his mouth and sucking his tongue into her mouth.  He moaned and felt himself rising to the event.

He scooped her up in his arms, “I have missed you, and I am gonna fuck your brains out lady,” he confidently growled low, smiling as he kissed her neck, excited thinking about her sparkling cleavage that had caught his eye earlier. He couldn’t wait to get to that.

“I have missed you, too, and I aint the only one who’s getting their brains fucked out tonight,” she said in that sexy husky voice she had.

To be continued . . . 😉

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