Dear Future


Dear Future,

I have no idea what you have in store for me.  Sometimes I am excited by the prospects and sometimes I am frightened by the chances. I could become a well-paid self-employed writer, then again if I don’t find a job soon I could lose my house and become homeless.  (Okay, that list could go on and on . . .)

Future, you seem to be so elusive, yet inspiring. So motivating, while at the same time uncertain. So nerve-racking, yet you make me feel so alive. Why oh why are you so unknown?

I look forward to more conversations as you continue to show yourself to me.

~ Sadie

This was written in response to The Daily Post:Writing101 writing prompt. I opened the book nearest to me to page 29 and the first word that caught my eye is the one I am to write a letter to. I am not enrolled in this session, so I didn’t have access to ping back there, but that’s okay because I enjoyed the prompt!


Autumn Leaves – Happy Fall!


Sept 21 WordPress Daily Prompt: Autumn Leaves
Changing colors, dropping temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes: do these mainstays of Fall fill your heart with warmth — or with dread?

I enjoy all the seasons, but Autumn is my favorite season of all! I love when the temperatures begin to drop – the air becomes crisp in its feel and its smell. Often the humidity drops, along with the temperature. The days begin to slowly and subtly grow shorter. The leaves change color, providing a rainbow of reds, oranges, yellows, tans, purples, mixing in with the evergreens. Everything smells different, clean, earthy, fresh.

Windows are opened to air out the house and let the fresh cool air blow in after long hot summers. If cool enough, you can burn a fire – smelling the wood, and feeling the heat, and hearing the crackling and popping. You can smell your neighbors using their fireplaces – nothing like the smell of a wood-burning fire.

My favorite day is a day I can get up and put on a pair of blue jeans and a soft flannel shirt – my favorite attire if truth be told. 😉

Fall not only fills my heart with warmth, it typically rejuvenates me, kind of like a puppy let out during the first cold front! You know how they jump and frolic around, tails wagging, playing with whatever is available, just enjoying the moment? That would be me ☮



I can’t wait!! 🙂

Cream Horn Orgasms for Your Mouth



When I lived in the Ozarks, there was grocery store named Smitty’s. Like many grocery stores, it had a bakery. One of the treats they offered was cream horns. These weren’t just your average run-of-the-mill cream horns. They were easily six inches long, and filled with the smoothest subtlest vanilla cream with the perfect consistency and smoothness – but not like whipped cream or pudding. Typically, cream horns are a bit firm and flaky, but the firmness of the pastry makes them appear a bit stale at times. The pastry for Smitty’s cream horns was flaky, but tender.

When you bit into these babies there was a slight crunch, and then tender flaky pastry that then began melting in your mouth, with this glorious sweet slightly vanilla flavored cream. Yes, I was in love! In my opinion, these were like an orgasm for your mouth and taste buds – and that’s exactly how I described them.

When we moved from there, over 800 miles away, whenever we went back to the area to visit, we always stopped at Smitty’s for my mouth orgasms. There were a few times I even had a good friend mail me a half-dozen at a time. I will admit, blushing just a tad, I did put on a few extra pounds when I lived there and could get those joys for my mouth on a regular basis 🙂


Not sure if I will manage a poem today for NaPoWriMo – wanted to do something different. This piece is in response to The Daily Post Prompt Junk Food Junkie.


Two Offerings – Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty

This week’s The Daily Post writing challenge is hosted by Vincent Mars. The challenge is to write a story of exactly 50 words in length – no more, no less. 

I wrote two – but since it’s getting late, I will stop here. I plan to do this again though – found it fun & intriguing 😉 Great way to come up with material for new projects!


Isabell was an easy going, patient, free spirit stuck in an over-organized, intolerant, overachiever’s body. The combination just didn’t mesh, so consequently Isabell was at odds with herself, seldom at peace, sometimes conflicted. Her conscience and righteousness didn’t walk hand in hand with her survival of the fittest street smarts.

The Moment Was Gone

He left her an instant message that said he hadn’t come back to see how she was and say goodbye. He had come back to ask her to marry him, and leave with him to start their new life together. But she had already fallen in love with another man.

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