Ought to be a word

Hmmm . . . I have been doing this today, myself ❤


Sleeping Beauty

Sometimes the pain turns into something so beautiful, such imagery, so raw, so intense, so inspiring . . .
The feeling of being alone, yet knowing you are not . . .


Oh so true … Had to share this beautiful insight ❤

Delicious madness

I so love this sentiment, and the audio is really cool, too ❤
Erik has a great blog – the look, the feel, the varied subjects – magical, mystical, romantic, contemplative – not feminine nor masculine per say – just human ❤
He’s got a series of romance novels, as well, which I am going to start reading as soon as I get a few projects completed in my universe. Go check him out, if you get a chance. ☮

Pink Rose

This captivated me – the rose picture and the beautiful words written by K.A. Brace from http://themirrorobscura.wordpress.com/2014/08/09/pink-rose-3/

“And when the white rose heard how beautiful it was it blushed and turned even to a more beautiful pink.” >KB

So technically I am reblogging them both 🙂
❤ ❤

Radiating Blossom ~ Flowers & Words


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This Wolf Feels Nothing But Hopelessness

WOW – I really love this!!
If you’ve been following the adventures of Lyla, THESE words hit home to a time in Lyla’s life when she was so lost . . . had to incorporate it somehow. More to come on that – it’s developing
Beautifully written Catherine!! Brilliant!! Bravo!! 🙂 ☮☮

Catherine Zhang


The wolf feels the arrows. It feels the pointed ends sticking into the flesh between her shoulder blades. Damn, how did the hunter find her only soft spot? The tenderest part? The hunter was skilled; the wolf feels the arrowheads stab her sharply with every movement…every lifting of the paw, every crane of the neck. Every movement, a reminder of coming death.

She looks down at the skull in front of her, a face that had once been so soft and loving and now hard and empty, reduced by death to near nothingness. The arrows seem to dig deeper underneath her skin, blood matting fur.

There is only one word for this feeling: hopelessness.

Utter, despairing, pervading hopelessness.

Creds to Amelia for showing me this:

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Haiku ~ 7/11/14

This is so good, I had to share!! Enjoy the vision it evokes!

Lorrie Bowden


Bear in mind my haste

to find the answers of life

staring at the stars




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