No Disguises

I agree, there are no disguises, but looks can be quite deceiving 😉
I really like this, on so many levels, a lot deeper than at first glance!! Since I haven’t posted in a while thought I would share this post & this blog. “Line of the Week” is awesome, might want to check out more posts ☮

Line Of The Week

sillhouette“Looks are so deceiving. But he

has seen me very naked. In the daylight...”

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The Encounter (Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt)

“Hey, where you going,” she shouted from across the street.

She walked over with a friend, and standing next to me, green eyes staring up, said “Can you give us a ride?” She was short, maybe a little over five feet, with dirty blond hair. Her voice was deep and sexy. How had I not noticed her before, living right across the street?

“Where are you going,” I asked.

“We need a ride to the mall.”

“I’m just going to the little store at the front of the neighborhood,” he replied, but thought shit, I’m not an idiot, I’ll take them further.  “I guess I can take you to the freeway.”

She smiled, which made those green eyes light up, replying “Cool, we can hitch a ride from there,” as she climbed in the front passenger seat. “This is my friend, Cheryl.”

I don’t recall what all was said that day long ago, but that single encounter changed my life. I made that girl my wife and I am pretty certain with all my being, had I not met her, my life would’ve consisted of prison or early death. She saved me from myself and continues to do so, on a daily basis. She gave me a beautiful daughter, who has subsequently given me two beautiful granddaughters. She has loved me in spite of all my shortcomings.

Written using the prompt – Who has changed your life just by walking into it? – from:

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