Cream Horn Orgasms for Your Mouth



When I lived in the Ozarks, there was grocery store named Smitty’s. Like many grocery stores, it had a bakery. One of the treats they offered was cream horns. These weren’t just your average run-of-the-mill cream horns. They were easily six inches long, and filled with the smoothest subtlest vanilla cream with the perfect consistency and smoothness – but not like whipped cream or pudding. Typically, cream horns are a bit firm and flaky, but the firmness of the pastry makes them appear a bit stale at times. The pastry for Smitty’s cream horns was flaky, but tender.

When you bit into these babies there was a slight crunch, and then tender flaky pastry that then began melting in your mouth, with this glorious sweet slightly vanilla flavored cream. Yes, I was in love! In my opinion, these were like an orgasm for your mouth and taste buds – and that’s exactly how I described them.

When we moved from there, over 800 miles away, whenever we went back to the area to visit, we always stopped at Smitty’s for my mouth orgasms. There were a few times I even had a good friend mail me a half-dozen at a time. I will admit, blushing just a tad, I did put on a few extra pounds when I lived there and could get those joys for my mouth on a regular basis 🙂


Not sure if I will manage a poem today for NaPoWriMo – wanted to do something different. This piece is in response to The Daily Post Prompt Junk Food Junkie.



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