Right Now . . .

I have been around the block a time or two. I am definitely a bit cynical. Having said that, I appreciate every little moment for what it is, a moment of sharing, learning or enjoying the moment. I am one of those people that like to get it all out on table; I don’t like holding much back, though I know some things may be better left unsaid. This can be problematic . . . but I am always thinking about what I do not want to leave unsaid. Though it may be better, there are a few things I may not want to take to my grave.

So often, people see things in us that we never see in ourselves. This is when other people’s opinions matter – or they should. I have been fortunate in my lifetime to have a few people see things in me that I would’ve never seen in myself, or even imagined would pertain to me. People who have actually been touched by me, in ways I may never know or understand.

While being a heavy burden, this is also intoxicatingly and passionately stimulating. This is when we realize, no one is an island, and we all touch others in ways we never imagine, intend, or suspect. This is why there is such a concept as responsibility to society or others in general. The web we walk, and legacy we leave, are often unseen, if not specifically sought out.

There’s an old saying that there is someone out there that loves you right now that you are most probably unaware of. I agree with this sentiment 100%. I think this applies to everybody, whether you believe it or not.     ~~


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