Fortune Cookies

It had been awhile and she was missing his touch, his smell, his heat, his kiss. She was tired of waiting for his call, so she decided she would call him. She knew this was risky, as she really wasn’t exactly sure what she meant to him.

He whispered sweet nothings in her ear often, but what did that really mean? Sometimes she thought she knew implicitly what he was trying to say, yet at other times she really wasn’t sure. Were the words he said true or just pillow talk that meant nothing – again she wasn’t entirely sure. She knew what she wanted those words to mean, not just imply. But maybe to him, they were just words that were said during lovemaking and the heat of the moment.

Regardless, she was missing him, needed to see him, wanted to feel him, and share her bed with him. What the hell, you only live once and she was still a breathing living soul who needed to feel a connection with the one she felt was her soul mate.

She dialed his number, with great trepidation. It rang once, twice, three times, and as she is about to hang up – as she has no intention of leaving a message – he answered, “Hello.”

There was a long silence on the line, he said again, “Hello – anyone there?”

“Hey baby” she was continuing to hesitate. “Was thinking about you & thought I’d call and see what you’ve been up to. You busy?”

“No, actually thinking about eating some dinner. Have you ate?”

She replied, a little less nervously, “No, hadn’t even thought about it yet. Why?”

In that good-natured, sexy, low southern drawl of his, he replied, “How ‘bout I go pick up some of that Chinese food we like, and come by?”

Now excited and feeling a bit giddy, she said, “Ok, will you get extra fortune cookies, pllleeeease?”

“Sure darling, whatever makes you happy,” he laughed. “See ya in 30?” She could feel him smiling.

“Ok, sounds good – I’ve got the drinks,” she said much more upbeat than she started the conversation.

As they hung up, she immediately thought of several things she needed to do to get ready for his visit and their dinner together. First she had to make sure . . .

Tune in next time 😉


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