The Night They Met

She remembers the night she met him in 1976. Lyla was young, just 14 ½ years old, working at a local seafood restaurant down on the waterfront, in what was at the time a sleepy little town. There was at any time up to 10 teenagers working there in the kitchen, bussing tables and greeting guests. Lyla was hired as a busgirl and was bussing tables for $1.46 an hour. After doing that awhile she changed to the position of salad girl, she wanted to try something different, though her pay stayed the same. Plus it kept her closer to the boys in the back.

Not too long after starting this job, she started dating one of the boys that worked there in the kitchen. He was two years older than her. There were several couples among the teen workers there and there were plenty of shenanigans in the kitchen. After working there for a couple of months the owner took a shining to Lyla, called her Little Bit, liked her spunky personality and attempted to tease her often. The owner decided she should be the hostess. He told her it was because she had a booming voice that carried, with a smile that followed, reaching out to the guests as they walked through the door, which was probably the truth. He also had her bring his dinner to him downstairs when he wasn’t making his presence known running the register. He would call up what he wanted, the kitchen prepared it, and then she took it down. He usually engaged her in some conversation for about 15 minutes before sending her back to work. He liked her, she reminded him of himself at that age in that she was confident, but she was not cocky, and had a naivety about her that appealed to him. He could tell she was a good girl.

Being the hostess put her right in the front of the restaurant greeting and seating all the guests, away from everyone else her age. Due to the speed the waitresses supplied the teenagers to ensure they kept up, especially on the weekends and holidays, Lyla was all over that restaurant. She got to know everyone there well, that was the kind of personality she had – quite outgoing and gregarious.

There was a boy named Grady who worked there awhile that summer.  One night, Grady’s cousin, James came up to see him before the restaurant had closed. It seems like he came with a friend, though Lyla really doesn’t remember that detail. What she does remember was a tall, tanned boy dressed in overalls, no shirt, and a floppy black felt hat covering dirty-blond colored kinda wavy hair that hung to his shoulders. He had a southern drawl that was quite noticeable and a wide infectious ear-to-ear grin. His blue eyes shone underneath that hat, showing his chiseled features. Damn he had nice arms, nice shoulders, nice chest. Some might think he was a little on the thin side, but Lyla liked them like that.  For a teenage boy, he was quite charming. Lyla liked his laugh and she was drawn to him right away.

They flirted a little, and at one point he almost had her pinned in as he leaned with one arm holding him up against the wall, essentially blocking her exit. She laughed, gave him a little wink and said, “Excuse me James, but I think I better get back to work now,” smiling and placing her hand on his chest as if gently pushing him away. He laughed back, and wanted to say something, anything, but inside he was so nervous, he felt like he might throw up. She was dizzying, and though he knew he was inexperienced to some degree being only 15 and all, James sensed she was different than any other female he had ever met. All he could do was smile, and tip his hat just a little to her as he moved to allow her to walk away. She looked just as enticing walking away as she had when she walked up to him. “My God,” was all he could say under his breath, while his grin stretched across his face slowly.

Even though she had a boyfriend, she knew even if she didn’t Mr. Overalls wouldn’t be interested in her. Though he was a little flirty, she knew it was doubtful she was his type. She was friends with lots of boys like him & knew others, but they were not interested in short girls with little boobs, tiny waists, big hips and deep raspy voices. She had pine green eyes, not the beautiful blue eyes most of the boys seemed to like and her hair was not straight or that cute summer blond color either. She was curvy, especially for a 14-year old, just not in all the “right” places boys her age were looking for. Her hips were too big for her bust, making her hourglass bottom heavy, in her opinion.

Lyla was a fiery spirit, kind of a hippie chick, and very much a non-conformist. She wasn’t a major rule-breaker per say (well that depended on who you asked) and did not get into trouble with the law, but it was obvious she was a bit of rebel. Like many teenage girls of that age, she was not brimming with self-esteem regarding her looks. She felt like most of the guys attracted to her were so only after getting to know her – liking her for her personality, not her looks. Quite frankly, that mind-set stayed with her most of her life.

Lyla really liked her boyfriend, thought she loved him actually, but she had not slept with him yet. She was still a virgin, though she had done plenty of other things. She wanted to be intimate with him, and find out what all the bruhaha was about, but she didn’t quite trust him enough to give him that special part of herself. Her boyfriend was jealous at times, moody, sometimes had quite a temper (though he never hurt her) and though all her friends were drinking and doing drugs – he partied hard and drank a lot.

Though she wasn’t angry at her boyfriend, she secretly wished that she would hear from this blond boy in the overalls. Maybe she knew this relationship was not going to last. Maybe she was genuinely drawn to Mr. Cutie in the Overalls. Maybe she would ask Grady later what his cousin thought of her, if he had mentioned anything about her.

After saying good bye to his cousin, James thought about that girl he had just met, Lyla. Damn, he thought she was the hottest thing on two feet he had ever seen – tight body, sexy deep voice, and she seemed not only smart, but had a great sense of humor, too. He liked that in a girl! Walking up the road to hit the highway so he could hitchhike home, he couldn’t get this Lyla girl out of his head. For some reason, even though they spent all of maybe 10 minutes together, she seemed different than other girls he had met or spent time with.

Oh Hell Goob, he told himself, Get over it, she has a boyfriend and lives nowhere near you. You probably won’t ever see her again, but maybe I’ll get lucky, he thought, and she’ll visit me in my dreams tonight, smiling he rubbed his crotch just a bit at the thought. Once he got home, he was still thinking about Lyla, so James decided he would call Grady tomorrow and find out everything he could about her. Shit, he kept telling himself, she wasn’t that hot – but she was and he was fascinated by her.

Lyla waited for weeks, but never heard from Mr. Overalls, as she was fond of calling him. Though she was not above calling a boy, she did have a boyfriend and that would be inappropriate. She really cared for her boyfriend, too, but was beginning to realize they would probably not be a forever couple. She was still quite intrigued with Mr. Overalls and thought of him often. She knew he lived a good distance away, which was an issue when you didn’t drive yet. Coincidental run-ins just don’t happen in those situations, so there was no way to just run into him somewhere.

She asked Grady at some point about his cousin, and Grady told her he was dating someone. So much for that – she knew she wasn’t his type. She didn’t forget that tall blonde boy with the southern charm though. She liked the way he called her Baby and then winked – she remembered it from the night they met. But he’s got a girlfriend, and she’s got a boyfriend, and that was that.  Maybe she’d get Mr. Overalls’s number and call him, someday. She’d definitely think about that.


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