She is my soulmate

James knew Lyla loved her husband & that she felt they were soul mates, she’d told him that many times. But he couldn’t quit thinking about her, couldn’t get her out from under his skin – which actually pissed him off at times, this lack of self-control. Lyla was his soul mate, no matter who was hers. Though some people would think he was crazy, he knew it to be true. James knew he was helplessly hoping, but he cherished the moments she allowed him into her life.

Lyla held his heart in her hands, and she really had no idea of the control she had over him. He gave her an idea, but even she, as intuitive and as smart as she was, would never truly know the magnitude as long as he didn’t belong to her. But oh if he ever did, she would be amazed beyond belief what he would and wouldn’t do for her – her happiness, her piece of mind. James has loved Lyla for close to four decades now, and even after having no contact for close to 25 years, he never forgot her or the effect she had on him. He couldn’t explain it either, he had tried more times than he could ever count or remember over the years to try and fathom this hold she seemed to have on him – it just was what it was.

He had had many relationships with other women, even a couple of wives, but Lyla had always held a little piece of his heart that no other woman ever managed to occupy. He wanted her to leave home with him when they were teenagers, but she was afraid, and he understood completely and did not blame her in any way. He came back about 16 months later with a ring in one pocket and plenty of money in the other for them to start a new life, with every intention of asking her to be his wife and spend the rest of their lives together growing old and enjoying the life they would surely be blessed with – but it didn’t happen that way.

James wondered what he would do now if Lyla ever wanted to be with him. The baggage this situation might bring – would it be worth it? He didn’t have to consider this scenario long, before deciding oh yes, it most certainly would. He tells himself, if for some crazy reason that happened while she was still married that he would tell her no. He would never in any way want to place her in a compromising position. But he wonders would he really be able to trust himself – with her – in that type of a situation. Incredibly doubtful, he admits to himself, with very little shame – especially if he was with her, looking into her beautiful soul-reading pine green eyes. Listening to her speak to him with her deep raspy sexy voice. Sitting close to her, smelling her and feeling her heat. The thought of touching her in places he hasn’t touched in almost 40 years . . . and more . . .


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